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Mechanized Pruning Equipment

Westside Equipment is excited to announce we have added
VMECH Technology, a pioneer in the vineyard mechanization industry, to our premium farming equipment line. The addition of VMECH machines to the Westside Equipment line of products continues our tradition of providing farmers with the most efficient and technologically advanced farming equipment on the market. From the tomato fields, pistachio orchards, and now the vineyards, Westside Equipment’s centrally located operations allow us to conveniently serve the entire global
agricultural community. 

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Experience unmatched versatility and efficiency with the VMECH Chariot Pruning Head, adaptable for various trellis types, high denisty olive trees and other applications.


Shoot Thinning

Our shoot thinning attachments, designed for the Chariot, provide an optimal solution for growers keen to enhance their vineyards' quality, yield, and profitability.

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Trunk Suckering

Our suckering attachments offer a practical and efficient solution to combat sucker overgrowth.


The VMECH Chariot is equipped with a mixture of modern innovative technology and an old-school mechanical infrastructure to provide a new revolutionary tool unseen in the wine industry. The world of viticulture will rely on constant innovation and modern technology to provide growers with a competitive business model when optimizing their fields.


Our team of engineers innovated our machinery as we were presented with issues growers were facing in the agriculture sector of the wine industry. This sparked the idea to create a modular machine that has proven itself as a very beneficial tool to the farmers. Our team has taken on several projects with highly profiled colleges including UC Davis Viticulture & Enology, Cornell Viticulture & Enology, and Fresno State, Department of Viticulture & Enology.



Improve efficiency, maximize productivity, and drive significant savings with VMECH's Chariot Vineyard Equipment. An investment in our Chariot is equivalent to investing in two mechanical pruners, two operators, and two tractors - but with more power and precision. With its advanced attachments, the Chariot doesn't merely cover ground; it refines the landscape with an unerring precision.


Operating smoothly between speeds of 1.0MPH – 3.0MPH, the Chariot enables customers to complete 80-98% of their work in a single pass. The combination of speed and precision provides a pruning application that is unparalleled. High-speed pre-pruning allows acres to be covered quickly, making hand follow-up more proactive, rather than reactive.


With the Chariot, operators can focus on one task at a time, delivering precise pruning applications. They are not bound by the simultaneous challenges of driving a tractor and pruning. This single-minded focus on precision is why our farmers report significant savings—over $500,000 within 60 days of integrating the Chariot into their operations.


The Chariot’s capacity is nothing short of astounding—it covers twice the number of acres per day/season compared to a single row unit and can cater to up to 1,000 acres per season. This higher efficiency allows pruning to be scheduled later in the season, minimizing exposure to frost and other risk factors.


Where the Chariot truly stands apart from other single-row machines is its commitment to precision. It does more than just rapid pre-pruning—it reshapes the vineyard with careful attention to detail. Pruning is an art form, and our operators are artists, concentrating solely on the task at hand. They aren't distracted by operating a tractor, driving straight in the row, and pruning simultaneously. The Chariot's unique design allows operators to hone their craft, delivering stunning results time and time again.


Our unit is extremely modular, meaning the setup of the machine can be adjusted in many ways to accommodate each vineyard. Highwire, VSP, and Single & Double Crossarm Quads are common trellis systems the Chariot can run in with certainty.

Attachments that connect to the Chariot keep the machine busy throughout the different farming seasons. The unit can also manage shoot thinning, crown cleaning, trunk suckering & de-leafing. 

Custom fabrication is available upon request. 


We manufacture all products here in the Central Valley and have parts in inventory. We understand that when it is time to prune or other applications, time is of the essence. We are available 24/7 to ensure the equipment stays running when you need it the most.

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