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Trunk Suckering

Combat sucker overgrowth, a notorious vineyard issue, that threatens vine health, yield reduction, and pest and disease control. Manual sucker removal is labor-intensive and time-consuming.


Our suckering attachments offer a practical and efficient solution. Save time and money while enhancing your vineyard's health with these tools, designed to quickly and carefully remove suckers without damaging the vine or entangling irrigation lines. Expect a pristine berm with the more aggressive action near the trunk base from these attachments.

The Chariot's other job is to remove suckers away from the trunks of wine grapes and other various crops that are suitable for the machine. The suckering attachments can be customized for your needs. Each vineyard has its own unique qualities. We've taken this into consideration with the design. We're aware of irrigation hose management being a main priority when considering operating the Chariot effectively. We don't require the perfect vineyard; in fact, we have developed additional parts that are utilized to avoid wrapping up sagging or loose drip hose.

The Chariot operates at speeds between 1.5-3.0 mph when removing suckers. The speed is determined by the vineyard setup. Most growers are able to cover between 15-30 acres per day.

VMECH Toolbar

The VMECH Toolbar is a separate product we manufacture. The Toolbar is equipped with an attachment point at the base of the unit in which case is used to mount to your specific tractor. We can provide manufacturing assistance when looking at your specific tractor to ensure mounting the unit is
properly handled.

The Toolbar is primarily used for shoot thinning and trunk suckering. This product is a cheaper alternative to incorporating vineyard mechanization into your farm management.

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