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Shoot Thinning

Our shoot-thinning attachments, designed for the Chariot, provide an optimal solution for growers keen to enhance their vineyards' quality, yield, and profitability. These tools are engineered to cut labor costs, establish a more uniform canopy, and hinder pest and disease propagation, allowing the vines to concentrate their resources on fruit production.

Farmers can adapt our thinning attachments to their unique requirements, like using it directly below the cordon to remove water shoots and unfruitful positions. This technique encourages vertical growth and creates room for precision spray application.


Remember, effective vineyard management requires balancing the right equipment with your vineyard's physical characteristics. Optimal productivity comes from finding the machine that perfectly complements your needs.​

Shoot Thinning
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The Chariot attaches separate heads that are used after the pruning season. These heads are utilized for canopy management applications. The practice of shoot-thinning wine grapes is different amongst each grower depending on several circumstances. The Chariot's thinning heads are also configured in such a way that being able to modify the head to fit your needs is possible. 


Grooming the cordon means utilizing the attachments to physically remove unfruitful shoots below the cordon. There are barrel assemblies loaded with polyurethane cord that rotates bidirectionally at a manually set RPM. The polyurethane cord then strikes these water shoots, stripping them from the canopy. The result is a clean cordon with upward-positioned shoots. 

The height of removal application is determined by the operator controlling the joystick. In some cases, farmers direct their operators to physically strike the cordon in the area of fruitful shoot positions. Depending on the goal of the vineyard manager, the Chariot is able to more aggressively or less aggressively strike the cordon at intervals lowering the yield by how the machine
is configured. 

As mentioned in the description of our pruning heads, there are various methods growers make use of The Chariot. We are more than happy to discuss your goals and our solutions!


The VMECH Toolbar is a separate product we manufacture. The toolbar is equipped with an attachment point at the base of the unit in which case is
used to mount to your specific tractor. We can provide manufacturing assistance when looking at your specific tractor to ensure mounting the unit is

properly handled.

The Toolbar is primarily used for shoot thinning and trunk suckering. This product is a cheaper alternative to incorporating vineyard mechanization into your farm management.

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