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Experience unmatched versatility and efficiency with the VMECH Chariot Pruning Head, adaptable for various trellis types. Fine-tuned to meet your vineyard's unique needs, the Chariot enables pre-pruning and near finish pruning applications, suitable for high wire, VSP, and quad trellises.


Built to augment an operator's pruning proficiency, the Chariot offers individual joysticks for focused, unhindered operation. Despite requiring three operators, the Chariot promises cost-effective operation on a per-acre basis, given its capability to prune two rows concurrently.


Join the many growers reaping over $500 per acre in savings with the Chariot. Coupled with its substantial impact on reducing labor costs, the Chariot showcases impressive capacity, pruning 1-3 acres per hour, contingent on row spacing and length. Trust in the reliability of a machine designed to mitigate frost or rain damage risks through timely pruning.


The Chariot attaches pruning heads to each of its booms. These heads are versatile, efficient, and customizable. The Chariot is mainly used in wine grape vineyards, however being that the design of our heads allows for multiple configurations — it can prune several different trellis systems. The Chariot has also been customized to hedge high density olives, cane cut vineyards in the spring, and other various applications. 

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