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Pistachio Harvesters

Bringing innovation to the nut harvesting industry, our robust pistachio harvesting system is built with high-quality materials for maximum harvest efficiency and unsurpassed reliability.  Manufactured with advanced technology, premium materials, and supported by our experienced service teams, Westside Equipment pistachio harvesters are built for work in the demanding nut orchard environment. The overall equipment design of our self-propelled harvester line maximizes product yield now and into the future


Designed for the most efficient removal, the self-propelled Shaker delivers power without compromise



The self-propelled receiver collects and funnels pistachios for a more profitable harvest.

Pistachio Harvester Receiver.JPG
Pistachio Harvester Bulk Cart.jpg

Bulk Cart

The bulk cart is designed for bulk handling of pistachio crops. Its high capacity, low profile design combined with standard power wheels makes the bulk cart a fast and durable cart that passes through orchards with ease.

Bin Carrier

The Bin Carrier collects filled bins and distributes empty bins to the harvester to optimize efficiency. With a 16 roller fork for easy bin pick-up and 18 MPH top speed, the bin carrier is fast and efficient

Pistachio Bin Carrier.JPG
Pistachio Bank Out_edited.jpg

Bankout Pistachio Shuttle

The bank out quickly transfers pistachios during field operations. The bank out offers dual leveling augers , Four-wheeled performance, telescopic cylinders with a ride range of tilting angles, and joystick controls for easy maneuvering. 


The elevator transfers nuts into pistachio trailers. The 180° pivoting conveyor and self-propelled functions provide versatility infield operation.

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