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Bulk Cart

The WC-1000 bulk cart is designed for bulk handling of pistachio crops. Its high capacity, low profile design combined with standard power wheels makes the WC-1000 a fast and durable cart that passes through orchards with ease.

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The Right Fit

Tapered front corners and a tapered roof allow the cart to pass by low limbs without damaging trees. High capacity augers ensure the highest capacity loads.

Standard Features

  • 550 cubic foot high capacity reservoir 

  • 30-inch wide unloading conveyor with metal angle flights 

  • Adjustable belt side guards 

  • Chain roller guides 

  • Tapered front corners 

  • Dual 12 inch diameter leveling augers 

  • Adjustable flow control 

  • Gear reduced conveyor belt drive motor 

  • Adjustable hitch 

  • Power assist high-pressure motors with planetary gear hubs

Learn More About the Bulk Cart

Bulk Cart Brochure

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Pistachio Bulk Cart.jpg
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