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Bin Carrier

The Bin Carrier collects filled bins and distributes empty bins to the harvester to optimize efficiency. With a 16 roller fork for easy bin pick-up and 18 MPH top speed, the bin carrier is fast and efficient, and can carry more weight and handle more bins in a day than a standard pick-up. Four-wheel independent steering delivers maximum performance and durability in the orchards. Bin carriers can also be used with the included 2” standard trailer hitch to tow trailers and streamline moving operations.

Built for Speed

With 125Hp and a 2 speed hydrostatic drive the WC-1000 Bin Carrier is designed to keep up with the quick pace of Westsides shaker and receiver.

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Standard Features

  • John Deere 4045HFC04 Final Tier 4 Engine 

  • 125 HP @2200 RPM 

  • 396 lb-ft @ 1500 RPM 

  • Large custom radiator, oil cooler, & charge air cooler package

  • Front & rear independent steering 

  • Auto centering rear axle 

  • Four Poclain MG-05 high-pressure direct[1]drive radial piston hydraulic motors

  • 2-Speed ground drive system 

  • 33 x 15.5 14-ply turf tires 

  • Four wheel parking brakes 

  • 16 (14+2) roller front fork 

  • 6 & 8 leaf spring suspension 

  • Protected cab with seat suspension 

  • Removable rear bin guard rail 

  • 2” standard tow hitch 

  • LED lights 

  • Joystick control

Optional Features

  • Automatic reversing engine fan 

  • Rear bin gate 

  • Aggressive tread directional skid steer tire

Learn More About the Bin Carrier

Bin Carrier Brochure

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