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Electronic Tomato Sorter

The Electronic Tomato Sorter offers high performance, simple operation, and low running costs. Designed to be compact, reliable, and long lasting with minimal maintenance. The Field Sorters provide an excellent sort even in the harshest of environments with dirt, dust, and vibration through hot, cold, and wet weather all while maintaining the quality of the harvest.


The Electronic Sorter ensures the quality of your produce by using our patented advanced focused illumination and detection system. This ensures reduced loss of good fruit through better recognition of vines, leaves, and stems. The machine is extremely consistent and efficient because the optics window remains clean due to its distance from the product. The rugged electronic design can handle extreme heat, high humidity, and harvester vibrations.

Westside Equipment Company also offers electronic tomato sorter rentals and winterization services. 

Working Principle

The product is spread uniformly onto the infeed belt and scanned by color vision sensors in the different inspection zones. A few milliseconds later one type of material is rejected by intelligent finger ejectors,positioned at the end of the conveyor belt, while the good products continue their way along the harvester.

Standard Features

  • 4 machine sizes available to meet your specific requirements

  • Belt speed monitoring system allows for complete operator control

  • Rugged electronic design can handle extreme heat, high humidity, and harvester vibration


  • Significant labor reduction

  • Increased throughput

  • Increased yield

  • Proven technology for better quality grades

  • World class service,support, & expertise

Dimensions & Specifications

Get in Touch

Contact us today to discuss how the Electronic Tomato Sorter can meet your harvest needs.

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