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Branch Office


Phone: +56 9 9159 2854

Equipment Rental

Westside Equipment maintains an extensive fleet of tractors and tomato harvesters, available at all of our facilities. Our tractors and harvesters deliver reliability and performance you can count on for your next harvest. Contact our team today and we’ll help you rent the equipment you need to meet your harvest demands.

Tractor Rentals

  • Challenger model

  • John Deere model

Harvester Rentals

  • Johnson Harvester

  • Star Harvester

  • Commander Harvester

Ag Equipment Rentals

  • Tomato Vine Diverter

  • Sulfur Duster

  • Mulcher

  • Other implements

Parts Availability

Westside Equipment maintains a robust parts inventory which allows replacement (OEM) parts to be easily dispatched to harvesters and tractors. Our strong relationships with key suppliers like John Deere allow us to provide quality parts in a timely manner—parts are available by phone or by walk-in at all of our facilities.

OEM Tomato Harvester Parts

  • Fafnir

  • Parker

  • Gates Permco

  • Danfoss

  • Eaton

  • Rexford

  • Auburn

  • Fairfield

  • Ross Link-Belt

  • ADI

  • Noffsinger

  • Broekema

  • John Deere


Westside Equipment mechanics and service support staff respond to customer needs 24-7 during the tomato harvest season (July 1-October 31). Our mechanics are equipped with service trucks to provide harvest support and we offer a transport service to move equipment throughout Central California. Westside facilities are fully equipped and staffed to maintain, repair, and upgrade tomato harvesters, tractors, and other agricultural equipment.

  • Tomato Harvester repairs and overhaul

  • In field repair and support

  • Hydraulic Tune-Up

  • Overhaul Quotation

  • Large equipment transport service

  • Minor John Deere Engine repair center

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