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Commander Tomato Harvesters

As the industry standard for decades, the Commander Harvester is built for high performance and maximum efficiency in large open fields. With unsurpassed reliability and maneuverability, the Commander is equipped with a simplified open center hydraulic system and plenty of hydraulic horsepower in reserve for trouble-free operation and minimal downtime.

High Capacity for Increased Production

Designed to harvest 70 tons of tomatoes per hour, the high capacity machine lowers harvesting costs by providing more production from each machine. With a patented recovery reel and two-stage shaker system built to minimize harvest losses, the shaker frequency is easily controlled for optimal performance in all field conditions.

Standard Features

  • 4-wheel power steering

  • Automatic machine leveling

  • Patented recovery reel for superior vine agitation

  • Patented 2-stage shaker system

  • John Deere 225 HP Final Tier 4 diesel engine

  • Limited slip traction control system

  • Fold-up catwalks for easy transport

  • 3-speed ground drive system for increased road ability

  • Heavy duty 6000 psi ground drive motors for unsurpassed reliability and torque

Optional Features

  • Sickle, Rod Weeder, Disc Pickup

  • 2-Weight or 3-Weight Head

  • Vine Shredder

  • Dual Color Sort System

  • Air-Conditioned Cab

  • Adjustable Axles

Learn More About the Commander

Commander Brochure
Service Manual
Parts Catalog

Get in Touch

Contact us today to discuss how the Commander Harvester can meet your harvest needs.

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